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Shandong red motor ERP Applications

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-11-06 14:59

into the general's office, the first pleasant to the eye is the large desk on a thick stack of book production and operation, LCD display, he is easy to concentrate on flying ERP system to view reports. In recent interviews with more than an hour conversation, the business manager has maintained a calm attitude, neither the high passion of speech, even in the reporter's request for his personal photo shoot two arrested Shihai slightly tight.

This is Qingdao Tianyi Group Red Flag Motor Factory's general manager of the increase in water. Electrical plant the red flag is 28 thousand years, from a common first-line workshop to the workshop, Deputy Director of Locksmith, from production to the Deputy Chief, Director, and then to red in 1999 as general manager of the motor plant, electrical plant can be described in the sum of the red blood connected. Affectionate in general, said, "I almost witnessed the plant's entire process from small to large, sometimes feel that the factory every machine is the same as their children. "The title of general manager, but did nothing to weaken his honest and straightforward kind of simple, hard-working dedication of the Chinese leader atmosphere.

red motor: is my responsibility to field

electrical plant as a red flag for the exchange of professional motor-based motor manufacturer, nearly 30 years of motor manufacturing history, Shandong province is the backbone of the production enterprises of small and medium AC motors, but also the pillar of Qingdao Tianyi Group enterprises. Production of seven series is now over two hundred varieties of small and medium AC motors, the main products are Y series motor, Y2 series motor, textile series motor, cone-shaped rotor motor, reducer electromechanical machine, YCT series of VVVF motor, YGP series of frequency speed motors, steel shell motor, aluminum motor, fractional horsepower motors, multi-speed motors and electric tools and other electrical products. Enterprises with import and export rights, the production of steel plates NEMA, IEC aluminum motor products are exported to America, Australia, Europe, more than forty countries and regions. In 2006, the red motor sales reached 300 million yuan, of which exports accounted for almost half.

in total, said the factory referred to my hands, like my responsibility to field, all aspects should worry about and considered. Sharp rise in raw material prices two years ago, in which copper prices from January 2005 to 4.4 yuan / ton to March 2006 of over 64,000 yuan / ton, and then later almost doubled. Copper is one of the main raw material red motor, while the motor is a low-margin industry, faced with the operating pressure can be imagined, only to find ways of saving, to be effective management.

of manufacturing enterprises, research and development, manufacturing, marketing is the core of enterprise management, the management is to serve only the three core environmental protection. Management is like Symphony Orchestra, Flanagan does not in itself play a little music baton, but it magically to reconcile all the instruments so that they complement each other, a harmonious convergence of wonderful music. Therefore, the number one ideology is able to walk in front of management can constantly updated, will directly affect the responsibility of field crops.

invest in innovation: the motor industry in China have raised the red flag

intelligence agencies in 2005 based on economic reports, the three major risks facing the company is one of lack of sufficient creativity. The report shows that the company has always maintained first-class innovation. And innovation, not merely a technical level. Business is booming as the company, managers should invest in ideas, products, services, concepts and systems, active employee of the initiative, as much as possible the value of innovation, including production tools, production methods, business processes, management systems and so on.

the red flag motor R & D, manufacturing and marketing of these three core areas, the R & D input-output ratio is the highest. In general that this just proves the importance of innovation for the enterprise. Red Electrical current R & D center has become a technology center in Qingdao city, has received 15 national patents, there are 18 kinds of products have been rated as national new products.

more than twenty key R & D personnel R & D based on customer needs, from prototype design to small batch production, to the large volume shipments, product innovation has become the most important red flag the motor business growth.

years, the Red Flag Motor Company actively absorbing foreign advanced technology and design, has accumulated a wealth of production technologies, processes, and management experience. Quality of export products to meet the needs of long standing proudly to the international market, the motor flag, the company vigorously promote a "consolidation, reorganization, clean, clean, quality" as the main content of the "5S" on-site management, while the introduction of the & ldquo ; two strict one strengthening "system, that is strictly related raw materials into the plant, strict product factory clearance, enhance product quality control of the production process. And from production to start in all aspects of operations, the establishment of a complete quality assurance system, the target is to achieve zero-defect product quality. Has also invested 350 million yuan, the purchase of special equipment for advanced processing center, and measurement, testing equipment, and the acquisition of motor automatically test systems and other advanced experimental equipment, the product production process in a timely manner for quality control to ensure the stability of product quality sex.

It is because of management innovation and product innovation success, the red flag the motor has passed ISO9000 & ISO14000 international quality certification, the U.S. "UL", German "TUV", Canada "CSA" international quality certification, the products sell well in USA , France, Italy and Thailand markets. A reputation for mechanical and electrical products especially in the high level of technology, quality, demanding German market in popularity, the German client, said, "Red Electric" is the best business partners.

the information: the ERP to be effective

as a red flag, of course, would fly in the top ranks. What other companies make faster and more stable way forward, the red forever crushed? Often think about this issue, have to increase the water in at night. By chance a few years ago, he visited the customer's time to go out to see a business using a set of Invoicing software, see the operator proficiency in computer systems to carry out the process in operation, he carefully watched every step . But the client has told him that the system has lagged behind, and now the words to the ERP management software. ERP first heard the term, give the minds of the rising water has left a deep impression.

came back, he immediately hold a high-level meeting on information technology by the major of this historic resolution. After many considerations, the task on the ERP system to the Information Minister Wang Kunxiang. Minister Wang is a great learning capacity of senior management, who also has a blunt and persistent in Shandong. He collected a lot of online success and failure cases, after reading the print out showed his leadership of view, and insist there are staff suggestions and economic reward and punishment power. After several conversations, the increase in the water gave him the green light, requiring only one, is to ensure a successful project. In total, said: "No do not a thing, only people who do not accomplish anything.

even if only one per cent success rate, we have to do this one per cent. "General information and many more cases of ERP implementation in the difficulty of always know how, but he believes changes in the final analysis, manufacturing, or management changes, including the management ideas and management tools, ERP set number of advanced management methods and ideas in business one, is a complete enterprise information and implementation of the layout of the chain. Dell's secret of success of the United States lies in its low-cost, highly efficient parts supply and assembly systems. Why does Dell only 4 days inventory, largely due to it has taken a unified ERP system, a production line for any of the Company, every 2 hours to make arrangements - the company only offers two hours to use the factory materials, significant cost savings. Lenovo is China's success in the ERP system running, to reach an average of 22 days stock. They can do, red motor can certainly do it.

generously, the red one-time investment of nearly one million motor acquisition of computer hardware and software systems, including software and implementation costs accounted for more than half. Before the Spring Festival of 2005, the company is equipped with various business units and printing the appropriate number of computer office equipment, setting up the internal network. ERP system in order to meet the standards set by the process, the company business processes and organizational structures were optimized adjustment of key business unit staff a big adjustment. Set aside specifically selected from the workshop was set up seven or eight operations staff process Division, responsible for process improvement, process management, and verification of materials, fixed, fixed working hours and other early stage programs. After the Spring Festival, also hired a computer company to company personnel who were training in computer operation, many without access to a computer management staff (some have passed the age of 50) have basically reached the requirements.

2006 two days before the Spring Festival, Digital's easy to fly in the red motor ERP system was finally successful on-line. In general smiled and said: "Not to mention that the company ERP reduces the number of stocks, how much more efficient, and now every day I just open the computer, you can operate the company well known for each link, so as to provide timely and reliable decision-making basis. The benefits of ERP is not self-evident. "Interview over, always referred to his recent magazine seen in the management of the words:" Managers must use the mentality of investors and corporate approach to management and leadership, the manager is not a "pipe" and the "to do" work, but innovation, investment and investment in human resources to achieve their goals. "Let the press is not impressed by these words, but in the overall management of assiduous study of the spirit and the dedication of enterprise development. Motors have such a red flag bearer of courage, we have no reason not to believe it long and even flying in the country at the forefront of the international market.

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