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Qingdao Tianyi Group: once in project management is not rectifiable

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-11-06 15:00

Editor's note: The company brought in Qingdao, one first mentioned are Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao, the steam, Hainiu so famous in the national and even global enterprises. It is said that Qingdao is a city of public sector ownership, private enterprise in the shadow of their total halo appear less prominent.

However, in recent years, Qingdao City, efforts to build six industrial clusters, the majority of private enterprises to provide development opportunities. According to statistics, in the six industrial clusters, there are about 300 private enterprises as supporting enterprises. At the same time, in different regions, many private companies are market competition, the industry's leading and backbone, thereby stimulating the formation of a more than 20 industry board, in its more than 6,600 large and small around surrounding the matching companies. Qingdao, the combined effect of the private economy is increasingly apparent.

Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission Bureau of SMEs, according to survey, now in Qingdao City, has formed the main business of one or several identical or similar, and stronger private enterprises as the core, also formed in different regions of the large size of the beginning to take shape more than 20 small industrial clusters. For example, there are electrical machinery Chengyang cluster, the cluster of rubber chemicals, textile and clothing cluster, Jimo City, a garment industry clusters, industry clusters, Jiaozhou, a tower, a mechanical Jiaonan manufacturing and machining industry cluster, Lacey city of cows and milk products processing industry cluster, chicken products processing industry clusters, peanut processing industry cluster and so on.

appear in our magazine today in Qingdao Tianyi Group Red Flag Motor Factory is located in a Jiaonan business a resounding success of private enterprises. Of private enterprises in Qingdao City, a series of supportive policies, it is to grow up. The good news is that, although from Qingdao to Jiaonan, need to take more than two hours of the car, take the water also needs nearly an hour, but the information is still blown out of the spring on this land. Tianyi Group, Wang Kunxiang

managers from service more than ten years Tianyi Group, an ordinary employee growth from the use of information technology services as a manager of the enterprise. For information and their own leadership he can to human rights, property rights, to information he can withstand the pressures to promote the implementation of coercive measures, to information he was even "forced" never come into contact with the chief financial officer computer knowledge picked up a thick computer books middle of the night reading is ... ...

let us into the Sky, into the motor plant with the red flag has to understand the "iron fist" style of how the director of information technology in a private enterprise where there is no basis for the successful implementation of ERP's.

Qingdao Tianyi Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, industrial enterprises in recent years, the rapid rise of Jiaonan and continue to grow and develop one of the backbone. After a few years of development, Tianyi Group has developed into a set of motors, power tools production, wood processing, real estate development, construction and installation, decoration, textile machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, property management, more than a dozen industries, more than 2,000 employees of the new enterprise group. Tianyi Group Red Flag

under the Motor Factory is a backbone enterprise Tianyi Group, there are currently more than 1,000 employees, revenues of 240 million in 2007. The main products are electric motors and electric tools.

acquaintance information

about information, I first encountered the term ERP was in 2000, a business management class in the magazine to see. We were not many units of computers, they would be a simple word processing, said information management is a piece of paper just felt empty.

However, in the next few years, the Tianyi Group has achieved a leap in development. After 2002, the municipal government of the city back into the park reform policies, to the enterprise space for development, 50% of annual corporate performance are rising in proportion. By 2004, we can clearly felt that the original model, architecture, business management has been so powerless. Leaders are exploring how we could manage better.

a chance to lead when going out to visit clients to see a business use Invoicing software. After consultation, the client told the leadership that he has been behind the system, to the words on the ERP management software, which is leading for the first time we hear the term ERP.

With this experience, in October 2004, the company decided that the implementation of ERP in the company management, selection determined by consulting four vendors as a candidate. Comparative study through a series of defense suppliers and the situation in December 2004 with Digital China signed cooperation agreement. Since then, opened the red flag off the motor management of the company ERP.

take the team, will be duty

2005 年 1 on 5, I was officially appointed as the information management company manager, responsible for enterprise-wide ERP project organization and coordination of implementation.

I started in 1994, enterprise management, and 10 years of management experience tells me that the ERP is not an easy task. The basis of enterprise management, the quality of cadres and workers, organization issues these weaknesses, loopholes in management I am well aware of these issues we decided to implement ERP in a business is a difficult, complex project, can be said a struggle.

have to be revolutionary victory, the victory would have had to battle command, the command is the first deployment of human rights. So, I told the two leaders to power: one is within the scope of the information the right incentives alone Xing Shi, Department of Information Management Department can not direct payment via payroll deduction of funds at any other factors; the second is for the management staff can direct deployment, transferred, demoted to the mid-level may request, demotion, dismissal, or to persuade them to leave. After several rounds of negotiations, the leaders finally agreed, and also gives me the third power: information management center under the Ministry of Information can be my own combination of candidates.

team built up, under the Ministry of Information Management Information Management Center, Storage Division, in charge directly by myself. At the same time established a general manager of information management for the head of the leading group, headed by executive vice president of information technology implementation team, headed by Qi Guanbu managers supervise information technology assessment group, overall organization, implementation, monitoring project process and progress.

do mobilize, breaking the three railways

in accordance with the Promotion Plan, Spring 2005, we successfully built the company internal network, the business sector with a corresponding number of computer and printing office equipment. The same time to optimize the combination of key business sectors on the staff of the major changes: such as custodians have to have some professional quality, and moral qualities, will use the computer, there are accounting certificate, accounting and other posts based on priorities ... ... undergraduate degree curators now 10%, 60% of specialist qualifications, the rest is secondary or accounting professional title.

after the Spring Festival, we hired a computer company to company personnel who were training in computer operation to provide any level of reach be transferred from computer work, and aroused the enthusiasm of employees to learn, so that no contact the management of the computer (some have passed the age of 50) also basically reached the requirements.

I was so stressed that many of the meeting: 90 years we have experienced the "breaking of the three railways", and now we still have to "break the three iron", is to break the managers job is stable not because of ERP but lost his jobs; to break the iron rice bowl management, salary cap can not, can not guarantee the end; to break the iron relationship management, regardless of the manner in which the original is, what kind of relations to the management positions are not as strong words, resist, obstruct ERP conditions.

rationalize the basis for management to prepare for the system Kai Zhang

twenty years of experience tells me that the basic management of the fixed management is the key and difficult, because the scale of wages for workers involved in distribution, so very difficult. It turned out that companies in the junior officers to conceal the truth, opportunistic, income distribution, the phenomenon of cheating is very prominent, the resistance to change that much. To this end, we established the closed-loop implementation of the organization - established a grass-roots workshop manager, workshop techniques, statisticians, members of the team leader for the internal process of the workshop time quota management team responsible for self-examination, self-report, free balance of fixed working hours within the process. Branch was set up to process, technical subjects, business management, Finance is responsible for verification of human-based company fixed validation group. Submitted in accordance with the process plant site verification time quota, historical comparison, check the balance of the workshop. Set up to executive vice president, Information Management Minister, technology-based manufacturing company manager, supervision and evaluation work group responsible for the progress, effectiveness and quality of implementation of the project during the controversial decision, coordination and inspection of assessment work. "Prescribing, designated price, dispensary," the pipe of a stall. After three months of repeated

verification, validation can basically achieve the requirements of the preparation of product BOM. Of course, during which we have paid a lot of friction, for a fixed consumption of materials technology, we have to wait until the product is the night to check on night shifts, frequent verification officers to verify the situation and workshop quarrel. Individual shop managers with the awareness is not strong due to, respectively, by the fine, transfer to another job and other treatment. Project progress and quality with a good sense of recognition awards were also given.

After a series of preparatory work, 1 August 2005 formally launched our system. managers to promote the implementation of


"Managers promote", "social promotion", "beneficiaries of the promotion of" three is the way forward, project management, and managers in the promotion are three ways to promote the most effective, most worthy, is the true realization of the purpose and effect of management.

how to make the managers to promote the difficulty of each project manager, the manager here, we say the words and deeds is the boss's attitude and philosophy, which is the key to the success of ERP management.

boss usually concerned about costs, profits, cash flow. Costs are too high for our industry, low-profit operation, heavy losses of individual products, market competition and a series of reality, we Kaizhang the beginning based on past working hours, wages, depreciation, waste, consumption, power consumption, etc. estimated a cost index to simulate a product's standard cost. And the cost of this simulation into the system, making the pre-simulation flows. Through this simulation show the order cost to the owner of gross profit margin, sales margin generated logic. The boss finally learned how to view their own reports, by reports of problems have learned to see the anti-check documents, and personally attended to the sales price, purchase price, BOM accuracy, inventory accuracy. Logical relationship clear, the reason will come out, corrective measures to keep up with the boss induction training is also completed.

pay rewards

system on-line now, God of our code of the ERP system management played a very good role in promoting: solve the product since 1992, parts specifications, model standards are not unified, long-term chaos; solution since 1976, construction products, materials, since the fixed, fixed working hours untrue, assessment based on inadequate and misleading business decision-making phenomenon; operation six months after the logistics and revitalize the sluggish non-performing assets of 11.37 million yuan; streamline procurement, sales process, price management and monitoring; existing storage warehouse in the products liability system, reporting award system, perpetual inventory systems, purchasing imitation of GB2828-87 the number of checks the system to achieve 100% inventory accuracy; As we have written each module SQL statement to query, the current logistics cost and financial cost of 100% match, a penny is not bad; five commodity stocks and the financial ledger in the number of products and the amount of 100% of the match, 1 cent is not bad, product cost accuracy close to 100% accurate .

of course, our management team to enhance the overall quality of the general staff to improve their efficiency, these enterprises are not calculated for the benefits. Our work now has a new information technology concerns, such as the production and management decision-making system, PDM system, SCM system are considered in the present. Tianyi Group's other companies also follow the red flag in their respective information to carry out electrical work. The future, Sky will be driven out of the information better tomorrow.

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