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Qingdao Tianyi Group is a new type of enterprise group

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2014-11-06 15:01

Qingdao Tianyi Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, industrial enterprises in recent years, the rapid rise of Jiaonan and continue to grow and develop one of the backbone. After a few years of development, Tianyi Group has developed into a set of motors, power tools production, wood processing, real estate development, construction and installation, decoration, textile machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, property management, more than a dozen industries, more than 2,000 employees of the new enterprise group. Group companies operate in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system, pay close attention to basic management, improve their internal mechanisms, innovative business ideas, focus on technological innovation and industrial structure adjustment, enable enterprises to maintain a rapid, healthy and stable development momentum.

1-8 months of this year, the company achieved sales income of 330 million yuan, taxes paid 13.8 million yuan, profit of 24.8 million yuan, achieving a value of 64.24 million yuan ******, respectively, compared with same period last year 10%, 19%, 21.8% and 7%.

Qingdao Tianyi Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Qingdao, with Qingdao municipal enterprise technological centers. The development in recent years, the company a big fuss in the manufacturing industry, focusing on technical innovation in the development, in particular, the company owned the company and the Red Flag Red Flag Textile Machinery Electronic Technology Group of technological innovation in the development of the road do a great contribution. In 2004, the Company and Qingdao University jointly established the "Tianyi Group - Red Flag Textile Machinery Research Institute of Qingdao University", 2006, the company and Xi'an University of Engineering signed a joint establishment of a "new type of textile machinery R & D Center" cooperation agreement, and the introduction of Xi'an University of Engineering "textile materials laboratory," the first domestic jet loom dynamic testing laboratory will be located Tianyi Group. Two years to design and manufacture a number of series of high-speed air-jet looms and computer-based coarse sand machine, textile machinery in the project, has applied for the 12 utility model patents, patent an invention, of which a product is listed jet loom Qingdao City in 2006 into the key technical innovation projects; independent research and development of the JA-2000 air-jet loom automatic control system is included in the 2005 National Torch Program. Electric Company-owned R & D for efficient air-jet loom is a high starting torque motor, Qingdao City, focused on new products. Red Electronics

software enterprises in Qingdao City, over the years to textile machinery automation and control technology research and development, product reached domestic leading level, has developed a series of high-end card, air-jet looms and other products of automation control systems, Integrated circuits are used, and to achieve full process control, with full intellectual property rights.

the level of the developed air-jet looms to the most advanced models in Japan, a leading position at home and abroad, including the development of the 3.6m wide double reed of the axis of the jet weaving looms in 2006 Shanghai International Textile Machinery exhibition created a 1 hour continuous operation, operation rate of 96% of the records, to fill the exhibition space, made a sensational effect.

in Jiaonan municipal government under the correct leadership, the group of party committees and scientific decision-making board of directors, the Tianyi Group in recent years has made remarkable achievements: the company since 2003, continuously been assessed as the "hundred private enterprises in Qingdao" and "Top 100 enterprises in Qingdao City," and so on.

in the "good governance, industry serve the country" business philosophy, under the guidance will make more brilliant Tianyi Group operating results, to create a West Coast city of Qingdao Economic Area and the jump Jiaonan make greater contributions to the development of .

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